EVO Super Abrasion Resistance Material

EVO Characteristics:

◆ light weight:0.25g/cm3

◆ super abrasion resistance,GB abrasion resistance≤8.0mm

◆ excellent slip resistance and flexibility

◆ It can be used as a substitute for rubber soles.

◆ environment-friendly; effectively protect human body from the volatility of harmful substance VOC. Sphere of application: casual shoes, jogging shoes, indoor basketball shoes and other sports shoes and light industrial articles.

EVO material

EVO is one kind of functional polymer composite material either made of modified EVA with polyolefin, rubber and other elastomers or composed of a variety of elastomers and rubber.It has a variety of excellenecs such as abrasion resistance, slip resistance, super soft, high elasticity,shock absorption, static-free, anti-compression, anti-deformation, ultra lightweight and other fine performance. EVO material not only maintaines the plasticity and weather resistance of traditional plastic rubber materials but also have special properties such as soft, flexible, non-slip and high abrasion resistance which EVA doesn’t have. EVO has developed into a series of different multi-funvtional models.


Characteristic: good abrasion resisance, elasticity and flexibility.

Abrasion resistance(GB resistance≤8.0mm)


Characteristic: High elasticity , Soft ,Crease-resistant, excellent tactility.

soft,Hardness :15~50 Asker C.

High elasticity 50~60% Soft.


EVO-UL ultra-light material: It has a very light density, which is 30% lighter than common ultra light weight material, to ensure shoes with light, flexible and comfortable feature.

Hardness 55士3 Asker C.

Density 0.160.16士0.002g/cm3.

Compression set ≤30%.


Hardness 55士3 Asker C.

Compression set ≤30%.

Current EVA sports footwear foam soles in both domestic and international markets are same-hardness, single-color shoe sole products. Various components need to be manufactured before undergoing the assembly process in order for the manufacturers to produce multi-colored, multi-hardness shoe soles. RB outsoles are also required as a common component to provide traction and anti-slip qualities. As a result, traditional sole products entail a lengthened production process, are more labor intensive and require larger manufacturing facilities and more equipment. Raw material utilization rate is lower and manufacturers face a higher product defect rate. In addition, industrial adhesives and other treatment agents are used by factory workers to combine mid-soles with outsoles during the assembly process. These adhesives contain chemicals which are inevitably harmful to human body and pollute the environment. Our proprietary injection dual-color, duel-hardness foam sole will solve all the above problems. Its advantages come from a single step injection molding procedure, which makes the assembly process unnecessary and shortens the manufacturing process. Industrial adhesives and other treatment agents are no longer required and therefore, create no harm to the human body and do not inflate pollution. In addition, this production technique can reduce raw material and labor costs as well as provides superior product quality since potential adhesive failure is eliminated. See the below product pictures:  

A. Bottom material:EVO-AR, abrasion resistance and anti-slip material. Hardness: 60±3Asker C; Density: 0.26±0.03g/cm3; DIN abrasion resistance≤150mm3;GB wear scar≤8.0mm.;limited slip(dry) ≥0.5, limited slip(wet)≥0.5;Can be used to partially or fully replace RB sole.

B. Upper material:EVO-ST, soft and high elasticity material. Hardness: 50±3Asker C; Density: 0.26±0.03g/cm3;Elasticity≥45%.

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