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Intensify scientific research, enhance the level of technology

Company has a research and development center and quality inspection center, dedicated to the advancement ah hair strength and the level and quality control standards.Through continuous introduction of high-tech talent, build a strong r&d team, and with many famous funny at home and abroad to discuss cooperation, jointly set up production base, at the same time, actively explore the possibility of post-doctoral mobile stations of design material.

Company's management attaches great importance to scientific and technological progress, committed to science and technology is popular the factory, especially in the invest a lot of manpower and material science.Currently has a number of invention patents.Every year in the future, the company will maintain a certain number of invention patent application.Through scientific research and technological innovation, promoting product upgrading, and strive to achieve the change from a supplier to the formulation and technology suppliers.

Integration of regional resources, increase the production capacity

Company letter factory workshop, the introduction of advanced production equipment, through the new production line, increase production capacity significantly, breaking capacity bottlenecks.In addition, through the import of new products market and the promotion, can lead to material production enterprises in the region of industrial upgrading, reduce human costs, improve production efficiency, to realize the economic benefit and social effect of the double harvest.

Strengthen the cooperation with world famous brands

Company has won the international well-known brand "Adidas" whole shoes OEM supplier in fujian shun big recognition, is the only company in quanzhou area through the inspection and acceptance of material production enterprises.Fujian shun big from the orders at the end of 2009 started to production.Companies need to expand production capacity to meet the demand of "Adidas" order, and through the "Adidas" certification for vendor qualification.

Company is currently in addition several world famous sports brand for business negotiation.New factory completed and put into production, further orders to meet the international brand of top class sports demand.

To increase brand awareness

Company registration hold and use "ChengChang", "Chandra" market business development and brand marketing, in the market and customers enjoy good reputation and public praise, the company will maintain this advantage, increase the interaction with customers and strengthen brand awareness, reputation and loyalty.

Product promotion of new materials

For EVO products, the company at a new conference in April 2010, the domestic numerous well-known brand operators are actively response, have very strong recognition and praise.Multiple vendors have place the order production to keep long-term business cooperation.Company planning and marketing activities throughout the year, leading brand operators on new product knowledge and apply new technology.


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