About us

Chandra firmly believes that science and technology create evolution and quality leads the market. Therefore we have always paid great attention to the latest development trend of shoe materials, aiming to stand on the top of sole profession. The company has attached great importance to the driving force of science and technology to manufacture. We have made a huge investment in building a fully equipped scientific research center. Currently the center has a professional technology team consisting of 50 technical solid, quick thinking members who are running R&D, technology, laboratory and other departments. It has formed an integration process that combines material research and development, experimental testing, technology transfer and scale production to provide a strong guarantee to the quality of products.

The scientific research center is an open experimental technology platform for the Chandra tech-crew to carry out scientific and technical innovation research. Based on the purpose of “fully open, quality service”, the center provides for the company and footwear industry colleagues with a whole set of professional service dealing with scientific and technological research and technical support and guarantee.

Project Taking-over - Scheme Evaluation - Feasibility Analysis - Information Collection - Proposal Programming - Material Debugging – Sample Debugging – Repeating Physical Test – Lab Test – Formula Completed – Physical Formula Confirmed – Stability Assured – Mid-test Stage Confirmed – Pre-production Test – Pre-production running by Dept. of Technology – Manufacturing Technique Setting – Volume Production running by Manufacture Center.


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